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When to Seek Out Physical Rehabilitation for Your Pet

When to Seek Out Physical Rehabilitation for Your Pet

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As a pet owner, knowing when your furry companion might need physical rehabilitation services is important. These services can help your pet regain mobility and strength, reduce pain, and assist in healing. But how do you know when to seek physical rehabilitation for your pet? Let’s explore some of the signs that may indicate the need for these services.

Signs of Injury or Pain

Suppose your pet shows signs of injury or pain, such as limping, changes in behavior, or a decreased activity level. In that case, this could indicate that physical rehabilitation would be beneficial.

Veterinary physical therapists are trained to evaluate animals with orthopedic and neurologic impairments and develop treatment plans to help them recover. They may also use manual therapy techniques combined with exercises and treatments like ultrasound, laser therapy, and electrotherapy to aid in healing.

Recovery from Surgery or Illness

Physical rehabilitation can also be extremely beneficial if your pet has recently undergone surgery or is recovering from an illness. Veterinary physical therapists can create individualized treatment plans that focus on restoring strength and range of motion while helping them remain comfortable throughout recovery.

Treatments such as massage, hydrotherapy, balance training, conditioning exercises, stretching, and joint mobilization/manipulation can work together synergistically to quickly and safely improve your pet’s condition quickly and safely.

Age-Related Changes

As pets age, they often experience age-related changes in their mobility due to arthritis or other conditions like hip dysplasia. Physical rehabilitation is important in helping older pets stay active by providing treatments that reduce pain levels while increasing their strength and range of motion so they can remain comfortable throughout their golden years.

Treatments like therapeutic exercise programs tailored specifically for each patient can help keep them mobile while decreasing discomfort from chronic conditions such as arthritis.


Pet owners must understand when their furry friends might benefit from veterinary physical rehabilitation services. From injuries and surgeries to age-related changes—physical therapy may be just what your pet needs to regain mobility and comfort quickly and safely!

If you think your beloved four-legged family member could benefit from these types of services make sure you talk to your vet about it so they can provide you with more information on how a veterinary physical therapist could help them heal faster!