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Pet Therapeutic Exercises

exercise. If your pet suffers from arthritis, digestive issues, chronic pain, hip dysplasia, or neurological disorders, your pet may need therapeutic.

pet therapeutic exercises from The Melrose Vet

Full-Service Veterinary Therapeutic Exercises

At The Melrose Vet in Los Angeles, we provide extensive pet rehabilitation services that include massage therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, treadmill therapy, laser therapy, and therapeutic exercises.

Also, we offer therapeutic exercise treatment as part of a rehabilitation therapy program to reduce pain and inflammation and assist in rehabilitation.

Pet therapeutic exercises for dogs or cats can help to reduce pain and improve strength, flexibility, mobility, Cardiovascular Fitness, endurance, and overall function.

What do we offer at Therapeutic Exercises Sessions?

At The Melrose Vet, we use a combination of veterinary therapeutic exercises to reintroduce healthy activity, including balance boards, treadmills, circling, changing hills/inclines, physio ball exercises, surface variation, and stair climbing.

Every therapy for pets is different, so exercise programs are individualized for each patient. Our vets evaluate your pet’s psychological state and willingness. We focus on four main components of an exercise program: balance and proprioception, core strengthening, endurance, and flexibility.

How To Get Started

If you feel that your pet can benefit from our therapeutic exercises as part of a physical rehabilitation service, please call The Melrose Vet to schedule an appointment at (323) 310-5555. Our therapy packages are available for pets that need more than a single treatment.