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Pet Massage Therapy

Like humans, pets find relief from stress and injury in a therapeutic massage by a good massage. If your pet suffers from pain or discomfort from stiffness, anxiety, and stress and healing from surgery or injury, your pet may need massage therapy treatments.

Pet Massage Therapy from The Melrose Vet

Full-Service Veterinary Rehabilitation Center

At The Melrose Vet, a pet rehabilitation center in Los Angeles, we provide comprehensive treatment services that include massage therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, treadmill therapy, laser therapy, and therapeutic exercises.

In addition, we offer massage therapy treatment as part of a rehabilitation therapy program to help reduce stiffness and speed up the recovery of muscle and tissue tearing.

Massages therapy can help calm pets, and they accelerate the rate at which damaged tissues can heal and reduce pain.

What do we offer at Massage Therapy Sessions?

At The Melrose Vet, we use a combination of physical rehabilitation treatments to reintroduce healthy activity, such as massage therapy which includes trigger-point massage, acupressure, sports massage, friction massage, and passive range of motion therapy.

Every therapy for pets is different, so our massage therapy sessions are individualized for each patient. Our vets evaluate your pet’s psychological state, willingness, and weakness.

How To Get Started

If you feel that your pet can benefit from our massage treatment as part of a physical rehabilitation service, please call The Melrose Vet to schedule an appointment at (323) 310-5555. Our rehabilitation therapy packages are available for pets that need more than a single treatment.