Water Treadmill Therapy for Dogs – What You Need to Know

Water treadmill therapy is an increasingly popular form of exercise and rehabilitation for dogs. Also known as aquatic therapy, this type of treatment can be used to help improve mobility and increase muscle strength in canine patients suffering from a wide range of conditions. Read on to learn more about the benefits of water treadmill… Continue reading Water Treadmill Therapy for Dogs – What You Need to Know

What is dog hydrotherapy?

Dog hydrotherapy is a type of physical therapy for dogs that uses water to help them with their rehabilitation. It can be used to treat a variety of conditions, ranging from chronic pain to trauma-related injuries. Pet Hydrotherapy offers physical and psychological benefits to dogs, making it an increasingly popular option for pet owners looking… Continue reading What is dog hydrotherapy?

What is Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation?

Veterinary physical rehabilitation, also known as animal physiotherapy, is an increasingly popular animal treatment form. It is a holistic approach that combines medical science and rehabilitation therapy with preventative medicine to improve animals’ overall health and mobility. With animal physical rehabilitation, veterinarians can help their patients restore and maintain optimal physical functioning through various therapeutic… Continue reading What is Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation?